What do you think of mousesports they played?

They played very well. After mousesports mainly focused on the origin of CS events, and now squad with players from CS1. 6 is given priority to, they are not too many CS: GO game experience, but surprisingly, they in the recent CS: GO offline events have played very well. Say that they are some of this event is the strongest one of the team.

When you beat mousesports, the third time and VeryGame when they meet in the final stage, we all have recognized you is now CS: GO in the strongest teams, but relatively is no pressure on you side. Talk to you on the main stage of the first PIC, you are the first one picture on both sides of the buy csgo skins performance?

We started doing T. We did our best to hit a good start, so we win a pistol, then do T have won nine points in the first half, the last in the second half for CT we can muster to win the match. This picture is not difficult, the way we played. I think VG than last time the game much many, but we are also in constant progress, and accumulated a lot of experience, on the whole I think we both sides of the level is improved.