At the end of yesterday's a WCA2016 CSGO national vocational qualification in EDG. CS firing, both bureau to the advantage of a big lead over Nemesis AG, made a crucial victory. Two score of mirage respectively (very) and overpass (16-5). After the game, the media interview with the team leader of the EDG has carried on the simple.

Media: hi Eric the leader, it is well known that EDG is a very high popularity in China e-sports club career, this year is also China's first foray into formal CSGO CSGO, and move into several strong competitors, what do you on the choice of player lineup, is focusing on the breakthrough in a short csgoskinsmall time or have a more long-term consider?

Eric: we are in the squad by the old with the new configuration to choose, like pohant, ABR, for three of them are already have a certain tacit understanding degree, before Haoking is one of the very idea of command, WJW experience as a professional player as captain. We're positive about their team, both hope to make a breakthrough in the short-term will certainly want to go further. our club to coach the position is very seriously, each branch can have a good coach, but for now, we have not come into contact with a suitable candidate.