Trading in CSGO is fun, trading is rewarding, and trading can be very exciting. Getting value out of trades is the reason why many traders choose to trade in the first place. It’s fun to start with something and use those set resources and current assets to generate new assets.

Cases are a great long term investment, and at $. 03 each with a patient buy order. When traders choose to trade current assets for cases, they are choosing a more long term strategy for their investments. Overtime, the laws of buy cheapest csgo skins supply and demand will cause the value of a case to increase. If the case has been discontinued and no longer drops, there is a decreasing supply and increasing demand which drives the price up. Investing in cases isn’t always the best path for traders to choose, but picking up an extra case or two from a trade can generate a lot of extra value.

If you’ve got the choice between getting 5% overpay in skins or CSGO cases, I’d recommend you take it in cases. First off, most traders don’t really like overpaying with their skins because they want to be able to use those skins as current assets to grow their wealth. On the other hand, if they play the game regularly, they won’t really mind including a couple of 3 cent cases. In my experience, I’ve found people much more likely to accept trades that include overpay in cheap cases rather than skins.