In Copenhagen games section after only 9-12 position, Temp. No decided to recruit Preben "lm-prb Gammels? ter replace Thomas Guttormsen MobY. Let people surprise most is a Temp. No it CSGO team in Copenhagen games festival has brought a lot of CSGO team threat, their grades are average online, but the Norwegian defeated the ALTERNATE, n! Faculty and FM., TOXiC into 9-12.

The team by Thomas Jon "DaY" Rudstr? m leadership team, lost to Quantic Gaming, VeryGames and Western Wolves, they decided by changing a member now, can to improve their whole csgo skins sale strength. Lm-prb ranked Copenhagen games festival at the weekend is the same in 9-12 Anexis abandoned, now decided to join his domestic CSGO team Temp. No, replace the position of the Moby.

The Temp. No team's official website, they said the introduction of a new player to team to a higher level of ascension is necessary, they also illustrate the lineup adjustment for team has a positive role. Former player fnatic Faruk "pita" joined the Lemondogs pita, will represent Lemondogs NLAN north ping city in Sweden this week. In December the Swedish players Absolute Legends exit THOR open team after the game, left Absolute Legends, later has been inactive.