F0rest CS history has been considered to be the best one of the few players, and he was in the transformation of CS: GO first contest DreamHack stand to show his valencia in CS: GO in also can achieve the same success, he was in a dominant performance the DreamHack MVP.

The most valuable player: Patrik "f0rest Lindberg (NiP). In the MVP race, beat teammate Xizt f0rest and young rookie kennyS. F0rest vote by experts and players to got more than two-thirds of the votes, the award can be said to be the name.

F0rest kill the king, the DreamHack valencia is average with 0. 96 per slew rate is better than all the other players, in addition , f0rest was the best of the tournament riflemen, explosive head rate, survival rate was killed difference values such as statistics are leading the way. F0rest in the buy csgo skins final performance is also very grab an eye, at the second picture f0rest decisive to 27-17 in the court record player.

All-star almost no suspense, five players all from the final two teams, and with the popularity and eventually win the NiP have 4 contestants, VeryGames biggest highlights of the tournament kennyS also elected unopposed.