People started contacting us, instead of the other way around and actually offering us money to cover their events. But with that said, I’ve been doing most of the work myself, but of course i learned a lot from ReDeYe and other casters like Joe Callier and numerous SC2 casters. So we have seen CS: GO racking up some impressive views so far on Twitch. TV for the DHV but do you think it will ever progress to the level where it can compete with LoL and SC for a example and if so how?

Every beginning is tough, and even though CS: GO is "supposed" to bring together the two CounterStrike scenes i think it will take a while before we will hit the stream and HLTV numbers of the buy cheapest csgo skins past, and probably even longer before we hit LoL and SC2 level. But with that being said, i do believe that the the gamers of the world need a new FPS game to follow, since MOBA and RTS action just doesn't cut it a 100% for many (me included) and i do think CS: GO is that game.

I cant agree more, another point for me personally is that the likes of HLTV & Source TV obviously in-game clients remove some of the viewership to your streams (if there was something similar in CSGO) do you feel this can hinder or help the community in the bigger picture? That is a tough question, and im not really sure on how i should answer it.