It’s on the ground now and he’s wielding a Nova *shudder*. P90? Nah; he will settle for a Mac-10 out of his own pocket. It’s bad enough that he is forsaking better weapons to confront the enemy team with cheapo pop-guns, but does he have to waste your money and throw your good intentions right back at you as well?

It’s bad enough when someone on your team starts flaming. It’s even worse when that player has made the worst contribution. This brings us at last (and most definitely least) to the Incredible Whinge. If he spent half as much time playing as he did lamenting about how apparently bad his buy csgo keys team was he might actually be a good player, an asset even, but alas no . Initiating votes to kick their chosen harassment victim, begging to be kicked so as to avoid match abandonment penalties, and generally being a distracting pain in the arse are all on The Incredible Whinge’s CV. The only saving grace is that they will only show up when you are losing, so you won’t have to deal with them all the time.

So there is my list of the six worst types of player to have on your team in CS: GO. May your competitive games go smoothly, and may all these players be on the other team. Unless you are in Silver, where everyone is a Stomper and there’s nothing you can do about it.