CSGO Major competition Dreamhack Cluj 2015 quiz a lot different than previous competition, Team Pick 'em quizzes as usual, but new Fantasy Team, personal understanding for the "dream Team" of quizzes, rules and MEDALS won conditions have changed a lot.

Fantasy team contest in the interface can choose five csgoskinsmall contestants, commando respectively (command), clutch king (king of the pieces), eco warrior (eco warriors), entry fragger (first), sniper (snipers). Different location of the player according to their own roles, and the slew of performance during the game to bring quizzes players score.

Player red framed part of the form for each button can be used to filter corresponding to players, if according to the team, and KD, and listed as the number of the pieces to kill player, player data from cologne last contest, for reference only, see the right player and then click the + icon to the right of the corresponding position player choice is completed. Screening is not convenient to get the player, you can buy players signed first, and then click becomes, see own stickers, and then select him directly.

Settle accounts of teams score each day, the day after the settlement can change players, the next day after the start team cannot continue to change, until the end of the game on the day.