When the teams from form? Begin to contact CSGO again? In addition , the players are generally use at ordinary times what time training to prepare?

We are the team was established long ago actually, although there are a lot of sensitized, but we have been adhering to the team's belief, firm walking our own road to CS e-sports. This year, however , CS officially replaced by CSGO, quietly out of the world of e-sports competition stage. Although most CS players feel, but we also have to comply with the modern development of e-sports trend to divert and try to step into a buy cheapest csgo skins brand new CSGO e-sports. Our first official contact CSGO, the day before the start of division in changsha.

Although CSGO compared with CS1. 6 is not much difference, but for now, CSGO relatively unfamiliar for us. In addition , because we are the team most players are "workers" and "class", no extra training time at ordinary times. So , until a day or two before the start of the first before we put all the players together, make tactical training to prepare.