IGotGame officially announced that they decided to try his luck, transformation of CS: GO, cast and CS1. 6. The romanian team last appeared in public view is DreamHack Bucharest station in October last year, they won the game in the fourth, and that's the last time CS1. 6 international competition.

The whole wing players transformation of IGG CS: GO, this is the second Romania comprehensive transformation of the team, the other team and Romania neXtplease! Last week announced a transformation of CS: GO. Through an interview with HLTV. org, IGG said they will plan to attend the cheap csgo skins new PGL season, that will be announced in the coming days. IGG can participate in all kinds of LAN games, but they suffer from does not have any sponsorship. Any interested in their team's organization can contact them through their Facebook page.

The total is 5000 euro 2012 ESL Major Series winter is drawing to a close, and was arranged against Imaginary on3dmax Gaming as a semi-final first game tonight. Denmark and beat k1ck in the playoffs and on3dmax MaxFloPlay semi-finals, and Imaginary Gaming beat n by fighting! The faculty in the semi-finals of this.