"So I denied everything, I stayed quiet, and at the end of the day I took the heat of the crosshairs when this first surfaced months back through an article very similar to this one. I know I wasn't the only person to have known, but I was definitely in a position to do what was right and come forward with this information and I didn't because I was scared. I'm sorry. I've never been involved with any type of match-fixing and I never will be, neither would any of us at Cloud9. "

These new revelations couldn’t come at a worse time for the former iBUYPOWER players. The four players, including Sam “Dazed” Marine, have been in talks with several top organizations about buy cheapest csgo skins potentially joining them, with Evil Geniuses as the front-runners.

“We are always happy to conduct investigations when it comes to match-fixing and will continue to do so, " CS:GO Lounge, whose continued efforts to stamp out match-fixing have helped reveal other players involved in similar practices, said in a statement to the Daily Dot. "We don’t tolerate match-fixing at all. Hopefully this will now be the last of match-fixing drama that we have. ”

“The day of this match I had placed a bet on iBUYPOWER. I brought up the bet while talking to Casey Foster, he then voice-called me on Steam Friends and told me to change my bet. He made it very clear the match was going to be thrown. I didn't want to get involved with any of it but I changed my bet, as I thought would be logical at the time while also sharing this information with a friend whom I assumed to have bet the same.