In CS: GO, a good grenade is a key that turns a lock. Flashbangs open doors, blinding opponents so that your team can make entry to an area of the map. Grenades also close doors, blocking off a lane with smoke or fire to discourage movement. Part of becoming a better CS: GO player means mastering individual techniques that will help you survive the game's most common situations.

For this week, we're concerned with everyday plays on Dust2, Mirage, and Cache, three of the csgo skins sale most-played maps in the rotation. If you play CS: GO even a few dozen hours, you'll have hundreds of opportunities to execute these plays, and knowing the right 'nade for the right situation can be the difference between death and your best round ever.

Naturally, you'll make most of these grenade throws as the Terrorists, the attacking team in CS: GO’s defusal maps. Terrorists necessarily have to change the state of the game in order to win.