Behind the scenes of Copenhagen games festival organizers, released a sign up for Cph2013 team list so far.

The Danish events will be on March 27-31, in the Danish capital Copenhagen? ksnehallen exhibition center, CS: GO game total bonus of up to 33000 euros. Ninjas in Pyjamas and VeryGames heavyweight teams have entered, as overrated individuals, FM - eSports TOXiC and Epsilon teams have been entered.

In the team of registration, event organization will choose 16 the strongest team, giving direct access to the main event. While the rest of the other team after an offline game, for the buy csgo skins other 16 spots. Will be awarded to the team with the top 16 into the main event, there are other a total of 32 teams compete for carve up competition bonus of up to 33000 euros.

Finland's top team Curse, in 2013, up to now is still in the inactive state. Now, they made some changes to the squad, by Eternity Gaming players Jesse "KHRN Grandell replaced the players from the former WinFakt Timi" aslak Verkkopera ".

Last December, the Curse of THOR held in Stockholm (Sweden) in the capital in the open, they won the second place, and in the finals de_nuke_ve map and NiP the score was very close to, has attracted the attention of many people. In a DreamHack winter game they had beaten VeryGames, although finally failed to qualify, but they have proved its strength.