CARAMBA has formed a new CS: GO team, which includes three CS1. 6 famous players. After WinFakt pick Hawks team, Finland again today on a strong lineup of other CS: GO team. Before the Crack of Clan Clan it SPIKEONE Jarvinen and Niko "naSu Kovanen" hand in hand for the 4 Kings and CMAX. Gg club Slaava "Twista Rasanen join CARAMBA". This is the first time they had together in the same team effectiveness.

Former artoCS clan Ville SHATTE Palola and had won in cheap csgo keys 2008 KRIITTISET VIRHEET winter CS: S champion Jesse "ESsej Eriksson also announced the join CAMRAMBA team. "

In an interview with HLTV. org, Twista said: "As long as the CS: GO a launch, I will return. At the same time I also looking for and my level and almost like CS: GO up has been team player. I found naSu also like CS: GO, I will ask whether he is willing to join our team. "In the past three weeks, we conducted a lot of training. We also attended the first CyberGamer qualifying and got a 3-4 grades. I'm full of confidence for my team, we played well and scored all sorts of games. "When asked about the next match is going to attend, Twista said they will attend the Norwegian ESWC qualifier and Cybergamer league. "